Mobile Web Design Matters: Google Penalty Coming Soon!

 Why Go Mobile?

Having a mobile website is incredibly important, because 1 out of every 5 searches for a local business or service is from a mobile device, and that number increases every year.  That’s over 200 million searches from mobile devices.  If you don’t have a fully responsive or mobile website,  (and if your SEO isn’t getting you on the front page!)that’s a lot of business you’re missing out on!

Mobile Website Design Matters

now more than ever, because Google is about to begin factoring mobile website load time into it’s ranking algorithm.  Don’t even have a mobile website?  Talk to us about our mobile web design services (preferably before this update rolls out) so we can get you on track!

According to Google:

(from Search Engine Land)

Google’s head of search spam, Matt Cutts, announced at SMX Advanced that Google is likely going to roll out a version of the site speed ranking factor for mobile sites.

Back in 2010, Google said site speed is a ranking factor. Google’s Matt Cutts said expect something similar to come to mobile search soon.

This morning, Google announced demotion factors for mobile sites, but they did not announce site speed as one of those demotion factors. That is because that feature is not yet live but it is coming soon, and Matt wants webmasters and SEOs to prepare.

Matt mentioned a tool at Google I/O to monitor the speed of mobile websites. Outlier sites that load really slowly will see a demotion of the search results. I assume mobile sites have to be even faster than the outlier for the deskop outlier speed number.

As you can see, mobile ready websites that load quickly will soon matter more than ever!  Super Simple SEO offers businesses of all sizes professional, responsive web design so your website will load fast and work on every mobile device, anywhere in the world!

Do you think mobile website speed should be a ranking factor?  Are you ready for Google’s new mobile metrics implementation?  Please leave a comment and let us know!

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